Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Overnight dates on KUTV!

Below is the segment that aired on KUTV's Fresh Living on Tuesday. 
It's totally OK that I call myself a sucker, right?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bachelor Sean- Episode #9- The overnights

The overnights are always the most hilarious of the dates because as viewers, we are supposed to pretend like we don't know what happens when the couple spends the night in the fantasy suite, but let's be real... I've never seen Monopoly or Uno laying around, however, I have seen lots of candles, beds, rose petals, hot tubs and low lighting. Thanks, Chris Harrison.
Now, I have to say that I might just be sucked into Sean enough to believe that he really used the overnight dates as a time to talk and get to know the girls without taking the intimacy in the relationship to the next level. I know, I'm a total sucker. I chose to believe this reality. And by fantasy, I mean the opposite of reality, obviously. 

-My dad called me this week(of course he watches the show...that's why it runs in my blood) and told me that I am being too hard on Lindsey, so I tried to watch with an open mind this time and I must say that I liked her a little more this episode.
-"Thailand is nothing like Missouri!" Really, Linds? Are you surprised by this? Comparing the arm pit (no offense) of America to exotic islands in Asia? 
-How did she eat bugs? I'll give her props because I would have been a major diva and said not a chance, homie. And not only did she eat a bug, she ate multiple bugs. And then kissed Sean after they had eaten bugs. That's just really disgusting. 
-I thought it was cute and really 'normal' that Lindsey was afraid to tell Sean the L word. Seemed genuine
-Lindsey's favorite words are cute and amazing. Throw in some baby talk and you've conquered a Lindsey impression.

-She loves running to Sean
-She also loves throwing her arms up and yelling things. Maybe she was a cheerleader in HS
-Even more than running and cheer poses, she loves metaphors and calling Sean 'this man'
-I appreciated their Titanic pose on the front of the boat
-The private beach was the coolest thing I've ever seen and although the cave was sweet, I would have been scared too.
-Is Sean surprised at how controlling AshLee is? She is a professional organizer, aka, she lives for order and placement and consistency. 
-I felt like Sean wanted to like AshLee because she was sweet and had so much love to give, and it stroked his ego to know that he was protecting her and giving her strength. He totally thrived on that.
-Were you dying laughing when she described her wedding ring? I totally was. Doesn't she know that Neil Lane doesn't produce ugly diamond rings and she would have been fine with anything he bought? Regardless, I love that she did it. Girl knows what she wants.

-Moments during her date were dejavu from AshLee's date-- running to Sean? Titanic pose? What's better than one of each of those? Two times of each of those things!
-Catherine is Sean's best friend? Oh, I thought he already told Lindsey that!? Seeaannnnnn ....
-She became my insta favorite when she told Sean he was beefy and hunky. I'm totally stealing that. I love incorporating Bachelor quotes into my everyday verbiage.
-Sean was dishing out the sweetest comments to Catherine that were original and not the typical "you are amazing" and "you're special" so I've changed my vote. I now think Sean picks Catherine. Oh, I hope he does. They would have the best looking children. Do it for the children, Sean!
-Oh, and have you ever had a multiplication war on a date before? Yeah, me neither.

-The personal videos always make me laugh. I wouldn't be able to make a serious one. Mine would start with "heyo" or "holler" and end with "love you, homie" or something similar. I could never sit there and bawl about my love and soul connection in front of cameras and producers holding up cue cards.
-Although cheesy, Lindsey's ending line about starting and ending the journey in a wedding dress was kinda cute.

The Rose Ceremony
-AshLee was putting it(them) all out there, now wasn't she?
-Loved the color of Catherine's dress
-I was literally dying waiting for Sean to call the second name. I had a feeling that it was going to be Catherine, but I was just anxious to see AshLee's eyes when he didn't call her name. Those eyes can kill.
-I thought AshLee was going to lash out in anger against Sean and we were going to have a raging AshLee 2.0 a la Tierra fame. 
-Do you think it was rude that AshLee didn't really give Sean the chance to explain? I think it's interesting because we hold these girls to different standards because they are in the public eye; for example, had that been a private relationship, her reaction was probably justified and totally normal, but because it was TV, we will all sit and talk about how dramatic her exit was and make a huge deal out of it. And for that, I thank the Bachelor. 

Can't wait for the women tell all next week!
I really hope Tierra's eyebrow makes an appearance so we can get it's perspective on the whole thing!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hometown reviews on KUTV!

Below is the segment that aired on KUTV2 on Tuesday, aka, the day after. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bachelor Sean- Episode #8 recap- Hometown dates

Oh, the hometown dates! This is just about when this show gets good. 
**Don't forget to check back tomorrow, under the video tab above, for my Bachelor Babblings recap that airs on KUTV Channel 2**

-On a scale of 1-boring, her date was a snooze fest
-It's funny how much she refers to Sean as "this man"
-Do guys like it when you compare them to your dad? I know girls don't particularly love to be compared to their (potential) mother in law, for the most part, so I'm curious to hear a guys perspective. 
-AshLee uses too many metaphors about abandonment, fulling submerging, leaving herself behind. She needs to abandon the metaphors
-Her parents seem like really sweet people, but it was seriously boring city. 
-I would think that her intensity would be a bit of a turn off, but apparently Sean is eating it up. For as much as he talks about his sense of adventure and loving to act like a kid, he doesn't show any of that when he's with her.

-I'll be honest, I rewinded her date and watched it twice, just so I can figure out how to be more like her. I think she is so pretty, so fun and super sweet. Oh, and like totally normal!!!
-How do I get skin like hers? How do I get hair like hers? I tried Ovation, but I'll try it again if that's the end result.
-Throwing fish is disgusting. First, fish smells awful. Second, fish juice was flying everywhere! Third, combine reason one and two!
-Catherine's grandma was the bomb. I can't wait to be a grandma and say how hot younger men look and totally get away with it.

Wedding dress
-Yes, I'm going to throw my husband under the bus and tell you that he watched with me again because... he likes Wedding dress and I just can't get on board with her. I need to forgive and forget the first episode's wardrobe fiasco, but I just can't. Why didn't her parents seem more appalled and embarrassed for her when she told them what she did? My mom would have told me to never get on that crazy train again.
-Husband says she seems like a good mix of fun and sincerity, and I can understand that. 
-Her mom and dad seemed pretty cool/genuine 
-Do you think her brother is mad he didn't get any face time?

-I was really hoping that her hometown date was going to take place in a tent, complete with tribal dances and a campfire, but alas, it was in Des' home that was super nice. Did you see the pool in her backyard? Fancy schmancy.
-Des' prank was the best thing of all time! I fell for it too, until she said that she needed to tell Sean something. I was hoping so bad that Sean was going to throw a punch. Talk about a prank gone bad! If ABC was smart, they would have staged that.
-When Lane saw Des's parents he "called foul play" hahaha. How did Des turn out to be so beautiful? Looks aside, her parents seemed like the sweetest, most loving people ever, so you can totally see why Des is the way she is. 
-Des' brother was a real treat, like an ex con kinda treat. He's probably bitter that he inked hideous tats all over his arms AND that Des got all the looks AND that she uses proper grammar and he's dumb. Just a guess. Although, he did say "Sean, can I holler at you" which is one of my favorite phrases of all time, so I like him a little bit.
-I felt so bad for Des because her brother totally blew it for her. I thought she was going to be top 2.
-You heard it here first--I'm starting this rumor--Des is going to be the next bachelorette. 

-He told every girl's parents that their daughter was special. I'm beginning to think his vocabulary is on par with Des' brother. 
-I really thought he was going to send AshLee home. She just doesn't seem as fun as he claims to like.
-He was anti Des because of her brother and he was anti Catherine because she isn't ready to settle down. I would think he would get over Des' brother once he realized his intentions were real and it would be a sure thing, rather than the huge possibility that Catherine isn't ready for a big commitment. 
-Note to all boys: girls don't want to hear that you think you might be making a mistake and that you are really going to miss them when you break up with them. Hearing those things only makes it harder!!! Well, that, or they are going to think you are saying those things as a cop out for not wanting to be together and will hate you even more than they do in that moment. 
-I haven't read any spoilers, but I'm starting to think Wedding dress is going to win, and if that's the case, I won't feel any connection to them. I'm team Catherine at this point.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bachelor Sean- Episode #7 recap

This was the episode of the best one liners ever.

Tierra "She (AshLee) is 32. You should be married with kids by now"
Lesley "I just want to roll her (Tierra) cot into the ocean
Tierra "Men love me"
Tierra "I can't control my eyebrow. I can't control my face. I can't smile 24/7 because my mouth would hurt"
Tierra "They can't take my sparkle away!"

-I'm glad AshLee thought it was normal to yell that she loved Sean. How romantic
-Sometimes AshLee's eyes scare me
-AshLee has a little crazy in her! I was pretty shocked at how aggressive she was during her altercation with Tierra. I thought she was all butterflies and roses, but home girl has a mean streak.
-I think it's hilarious that she was married at 17. Sounds like a new plot for a MTV show: Married in High School.

-Isn't St.Croix the perfect place to have a meltdown?
-How fitting that Tierra was worried about her make up dripping off her face on her around the town date? She should have been more worries about her awful rat's nest, I mean, ponytail on her head.
-I felt really weird when Tierra started dancing because her moves aren't good.
-Why was Sean carrying a man purse/tote? 
-Telling Sean she was falling in love with him was so awkward because you could tell she was reaching, trying so hard, to salvage the date. It didn't flow.
-I couldn't be more happy that Tierra acknowledged the eyebrow!!! We have all been wondering what is up (no pun intended, Ok, maybe I did) with that thing, so I'm glad she is aware there is a serious problem with that thing. 
-I love that she pulled out the z formation/finger snap/talk to the hand gesture during her fight with AshLee. She was totally acting like the "24 year old, grown woman" that she is.
-Tierra - earth to Tierra. NO ONE wants your sparkle. Trust me.

I can't wait for Tierra to appear on the Women Tell All and see what she has to say. It's going to be good, people. Real good.

Group date
-I think it's great that Sean woke the girls up to see them without makeup. Hey, that's a real thing. I mean, I look awful sans make up, so you better believe I hid that from Lane until we got married! 
-How did Des always have shotgun? I would have felt like the chaperon little sister sitting in the back of the Jeep.
-Des has a rockin' bod
-Catherine has beautiful locks
-Speaking of Catherine, she seems super insecure in her relationship with Sean. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame her, but it's making for some awkward moments.
-Wedding dress still bugs me. I guess I just can't get over the wedding dress arrival. She's not my fav.
-Why do all the women cry when they talk about their families? I am obsessed with my family but I don't cry when I talk about them. What am I doing wrong?

-I could never go on this show because I don't have anything traumatic that has happened to me..
I grew up in a home, not a tent
My friend has never been killed by a tree
Both my parents are emotionally stable and have never tried to kill themselves
...Guess I'm just bore city.

-I think I loved her skirt but didn't love that she kept holding it up weird. PLUS, did you notice that she sat with one leg up while they were on the grass?? That's the sitting position for yoga pants, not a sheer mini skirt.
-I know it was probably editing, but it seemed like there was a lot of awkward pausing in her and Sean's time together
-She went to pick fruit while AshLee went to a private island? 

-His face was more red than I could have ever imagined. I don't know how that happens. 
-He says the exact same thing to every girl... he's proud of them for opening up. They have an amazing connection. He could see a future with them. LET'S GET ORIGINAL.
-Glad your moment of clarification took weeks. 
-Did his sister really have to come for therapy? Seemed more like a time filler than anything.

I like Des the best but she seems maybe too fun for Sean. 
Catherine is gorgeous and seems fun but has a chill (boring) Sean side. 
Wedding dress - bleh
AshLee- I have a feeling that she goes far.

What are your predictions? And who do you want to win? 
I haven't head any spoilers so don't ruin it for me!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bachelor Sean - episode #6 recap

Nothing can bring me down after 4 hours of Bachelor viewing in one week! Heaven!

Canada, eh? The scenery was gorgeous, but I'm ready for foreign travel. And let's be honest, so are those girls. They want more helicopter time and more stamps in their passport.

-Poor girl had to stand, in a blizzard, in the middle of nowhere. Couldn't they have pitched a little hut for her to wait in?
-Sean asked her what he didn't know about her. I think an easier, quicker answer, would be to the question what he DOES know about her. It's killing me that he keeps telling Catherine that he knows her so well when he's only spent a few hours with her.
-I have now requested that Lane build me an ice castLe (complete with hot chocolate and a space heater) for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the idea, ABC producers!

Group date
-I love that Sean got on board with the tween phrase, You only live once. YOLO, Sean.
-The polar bear plunge seemed like the worst date idea ever. Cold. Wet. Freezing. I love that Selma refused.
-Hypothermia: Tierra- don't you know that the cure for hypothermia is to get in a sleeping bag(or something similar) and get naked with someone else to share body heat? FYI-I'm not being gross here... I legitimately learned that in elementary school and it clearly left an impression on me. I was sure Tierra was going to pull a stunt like that.
-Lesley told Sean that she loves love...NOT GOOD. Kim Kardashian once said that she loves love and look how she's turned out. 

-"We have a Tierrorist on our hands!" - Lesley 
(I'm just loving the quotes she's throwing around lately)

-I genuinely felt bad for Sarah. She really was the sweetest girl and was 100% blind sided when Sean sent her home. I saw it coming, but my heart still hurt for her.

-I'm glad that Des stuck to the script and gave a descriptive analogy on how her relationship is like climbing down a rock and accomplishing hard things. She passes the test.
-I think it's really weird they climbed a tree
-She lives in a tent? I'm sorry, call me ignorant but I just can't figure out how you live in a tent. Where do you go to the bathroom? Where do you eat? 
-I like Des even more now that I know she had a crazy childhood and still turned out normal and cool.

Selma- yo mama's gonna kill you, girl!

Danniella- she looks like an 80's version of Britney Spears.

What are your thoughts? I love hearing everyone's take on our new 'friends' and their journey to find love.

Bachelor Sean- episode #5 recap

Montana? Wasn't exactly the first place that came to mind when it was announced that they were traveling the world. Beautiful, I'll give it to them, it's just not as bachelor/exotic as, say, St.Maarten. I do, however, appreciate their excitement as though St.Maarten was announced. 

Wedding dress date
-It's the return of the helicopter! 'Bout time, right?
-My heart is soaring. Get it? 
-Nothing says romantic like snuggling under a giant mounted moose head
-Who refers to their teenage years as their adolescence? 
-Who is Sarah Darling? I had no idea, but apparently, neither did anyone in the audience because no one was singing along!

Group date
-I guess Selma was going back to her Bagdad roots with that awful turban on her head. Even as pretty as she is, she still couldn't rock it.
-Is this the bachelor or the amazing race? Why does Sean (the producers) keep putting together all of these competitions for group dates? #survivalofthefittest
-Got milk? Best quote during the relay race: "Oh, what did the goat just say? She said she is going to make chocolate milk for me" Good one, Lesley

-She feels the need to talk about how sweet, kind, big hearted and anti drama she is all the time. Talk about overcompensating. 
-Tierra said she wasn't a drama person as many times as Sean went tanning this week... way too many!
-TMI to the max. I'm not sure why she thought it was a good idea to lay all her drama out on the table so early. I get that you want boys to know who you are, but when it comes to crazy, you have to let them know that little by little...or you'll scare them off. UNLESS, they are forced by producers to continue dating to you, which in Tierra's case, iS very advantageous.
-Did she borrow a shirt from the blue team to go on her secret hunt for Sean? I hope that shirt smelled like soiled goat milk. Not sure what that smells like, but I hope it's no bueno.
-OK, have you seen the movie 'Just go with it' with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler? Remember the woman who visits the plastic surgeon because she had a bad botox job? Her eyebrow took  on its own personality? That was a fictionalized Tierrabrow! Just think about it. I want to pull her eyebrow down every time she hits the screen.

-I felt like he was a big baby and played the poor me card too many times this week.
-He talks about how he hates when girls use their one-on-one time to talk about other girls, but then he keeps asking them questions! And then, when they don't answer, he gets frustrated that they are leaving him in the dark. He's sending mixed signals.
-Stop telling all of the girls they are special
-Stop telling all of the girls that you are crazy about them
-Let's get real, mountain man!