Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bachelor Sean- episode #5 recap

Montana? Wasn't exactly the first place that came to mind when it was announced that they were traveling the world. Beautiful, I'll give it to them, it's just not as bachelor/exotic as, say, St.Maarten. I do, however, appreciate their excitement as though St.Maarten was announced. 

Wedding dress date
-It's the return of the helicopter! 'Bout time, right?
-My heart is soaring. Get it? 
-Nothing says romantic like snuggling under a giant mounted moose head
-Who refers to their teenage years as their adolescence? 
-Who is Sarah Darling? I had no idea, but apparently, neither did anyone in the audience because no one was singing along!

Group date
-I guess Selma was going back to her Bagdad roots with that awful turban on her head. Even as pretty as she is, she still couldn't rock it.
-Is this the bachelor or the amazing race? Why does Sean (the producers) keep putting together all of these competitions for group dates? #survivalofthefittest
-Got milk? Best quote during the relay race: "Oh, what did the goat just say? She said she is going to make chocolate milk for me" Good one, Lesley

-She feels the need to talk about how sweet, kind, big hearted and anti drama she is all the time. Talk about overcompensating. 
-Tierra said she wasn't a drama person as many times as Sean went tanning this week... way too many!
-TMI to the max. I'm not sure why she thought it was a good idea to lay all her drama out on the table so early. I get that you want boys to know who you are, but when it comes to crazy, you have to let them know that little by little...or you'll scare them off. UNLESS, they are forced by producers to continue dating to you, which in Tierra's case, iS very advantageous.
-Did she borrow a shirt from the blue team to go on her secret hunt for Sean? I hope that shirt smelled like soiled goat milk. Not sure what that smells like, but I hope it's no bueno.
-OK, have you seen the movie 'Just go with it' with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler? Remember the woman who visits the plastic surgeon because she had a bad botox job? Her eyebrow took  on its own personality? That was a fictionalized Tierrabrow! Just think about it. I want to pull her eyebrow down every time she hits the screen.

-I felt like he was a big baby and played the poor me card too many times this week.
-He talks about how he hates when girls use their one-on-one time to talk about other girls, but then he keeps asking them questions! And then, when they don't answer, he gets frustrated that they are leaving him in the dark. He's sending mixed signals.
-Stop telling all of the girls they are special
-Stop telling all of the girls that you are crazy about them
-Let's get real, mountain man!

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