Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bachelor Sean - episode #6 recap

Nothing can bring me down after 4 hours of Bachelor viewing in one week! Heaven!

Canada, eh? The scenery was gorgeous, but I'm ready for foreign travel. And let's be honest, so are those girls. They want more helicopter time and more stamps in their passport.

-Poor girl had to stand, in a blizzard, in the middle of nowhere. Couldn't they have pitched a little hut for her to wait in?
-Sean asked her what he didn't know about her. I think an easier, quicker answer, would be to the question what he DOES know about her. It's killing me that he keeps telling Catherine that he knows her so well when he's only spent a few hours with her.
-I have now requested that Lane build me an ice castLe (complete with hot chocolate and a space heater) for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the idea, ABC producers!

Group date
-I love that Sean got on board with the tween phrase, You only live once. YOLO, Sean.
-The polar bear plunge seemed like the worst date idea ever. Cold. Wet. Freezing. I love that Selma refused.
-Hypothermia: Tierra- don't you know that the cure for hypothermia is to get in a sleeping bag(or something similar) and get naked with someone else to share body heat? FYI-I'm not being gross here... I legitimately learned that in elementary school and it clearly left an impression on me. I was sure Tierra was going to pull a stunt like that.
-Lesley told Sean that she loves love...NOT GOOD. Kim Kardashian once said that she loves love and look how she's turned out. 

-"We have a Tierrorist on our hands!" - Lesley 
(I'm just loving the quotes she's throwing around lately)

-I genuinely felt bad for Sarah. She really was the sweetest girl and was 100% blind sided when Sean sent her home. I saw it coming, but my heart still hurt for her.

-I'm glad that Des stuck to the script and gave a descriptive analogy on how her relationship is like climbing down a rock and accomplishing hard things. She passes the test.
-I think it's really weird they climbed a tree
-She lives in a tent? I'm sorry, call me ignorant but I just can't figure out how you live in a tent. Where do you go to the bathroom? Where do you eat? 
-I like Des even more now that I know she had a crazy childhood and still turned out normal and cool.

Selma- yo mama's gonna kill you, girl!

Danniella- she looks like an 80's version of Britney Spears.

What are your thoughts? I love hearing everyone's take on our new 'friends' and their journey to find love.


  1. First, love the new blog! Looks great!

    Second, why don't I still live in Utah?? I have a feeling we would have way too much fun watching this together!!!

    Have you seen the twitter account dedicated to Tierra's eyebrow!!! STOP!! It's hilarious!! I felt so bad for Sarah as well. She probably thought it was something good. Broke my heart!! Anywho...better get to bed! YOLO!! :)

  2. i LOVE this blog!!!!!! so excited about it. and i was SO happy when selma refused to go in the polar plunge too!! i would have done the same thing...haha. sean should have kept her just for being real and not wanting to jump haha! hilarious. tierra is not a real person. crrraaazzzyyy.