Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bachelor Sean- episode #3 recap

First of all, sorry I missed week #2. I was sick for a couple of days and just couldn't do it. Also, I know this post is a bit later than usual, but that's because I got in a car accident and I've been dealing with the drama that goes with that so anywayyyyy
Longest on-screen kiss? How awkward for so many reasons:
1-when Sean and Lesley don't get married, yeah, awkward
2-I'm pretty sure you could see her bum checks. It's like she was going for a world record of shortest skirt, too 
3-Sean was getting handsy. 
4-The announcer referred to it as a procedure! pah! I think of procedures in terms of work protocol or the medical field, not in making out with bachelor hunks for world records. How romantic.
5-it's like Lesley thought the more she moved her hands, the better the kiss would be.

Beach volleyball. I'm surprised it took the producers this long to air a bikini-clad girl on girl war. I was digging the coordinating bathing suits but it didn't make up for their lack of skills. 
The MVP award goes to Danielle, who seemed to be on the ground, diving for the ball, every time we saw her.

Kacie blew it this week. 
She has been on this show before, so you would think she knows that discussing drama with the bachelor and getting involved in issues that aren't your own ruins everything. I have never understood why girls take the only 5 minutes they get with the guy over a 7 day period to talk about someone else. 
I felt bad for her because she just lost it. 
"I want you to act like Kacie...not this crazy person I'm seeing"
Also, her dress was so short and so disco skating neon.

Tierra's fall.
ABC is notorious for over the top promos that get us excited for legit drama that ends up being so lame. Last night was no exception, even though I had hope that it was going to be good. Like she got pushed down the stairs, or one of the girls put vaseline on the stairs so she slipped, but no. I'm not even sure she actually fell. I wouldn't put it past her to just sit on the stair, make noises so it sounded like she fell, and then start crying. 
However, in her defense, I too know that when the bachelor Sean comes to your aid after you are injured, you are healed. Immediately. 

Did you notice she has a capital "L" in her name? I wish they would emphasize it a bit more and not pronounce it Ashley. Seems more fun. 
AshLee is cute. I think I like her but she seems a bit old for Sean. 
I think it was fun they went to 6 Flags Magic Mountain (shout out to my mom's job as a 16yr old!) but Chris Harrison should have told her not to wear a semi fancy mini dress and platform wedges. Maybe he wasn't allowed to give her a hint because uttering those few sentances would bridge his contract, as it appears he can only say "Ladies, it's time for the rose ceremony," and "this is the final rose"

I thought it was sweet they took those 2 girls with them however, I must be true to myself and say something a bit rude/weird. 
The girl with the tube in her neck: I was so nervous that her tube was going to get pushed into her neck more while they were going on high speed rides. Anyone else? Also, I feel like her excessively long hair was a hazard. That mane was flying all over the place! I'm shocked it didn't get stuck in the rides.
I also felt so awkward when there was a romantic mini concert going on and the 2 girls had to dance with one another while Sean and AshLee got fresh. Just made me feel kinda weird. 
And as if I wasn't feeling weird enough already, Sean has to cry when she tells him about her childhood. It might have been tender but I was too far into awkward to feel any other emotion.

Sarah's dog- can dog's fly alone on planes?
who gave the producers permission to get the dog from her house?

did they send the dog back home that night or is it going to stay for the rest of her time on the show?
I know it's the bachelor, but sometimes I accidentally let realistic thoughts enter my mind over the 2 hour phenom.

Rose ceremony
It's like the girls thought they were planning the white elephant game and Sean was the prize they had to steal as fast as possible. Don't they know the rule that the prize is frozen after the third steal? 

Sean tells all the girls the same thing: 
-I am really excited to see where this goes
-I just feel really comfortable with you