Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bachelor Sean - episode #4 recap

Glad we started this episode with an underwear shot of Sean. Just when you think we couldn't possibly see more of Sean's bod...

Selma- aka Ashley Greene
-I didn't see it coming that she is Iraqi. 
-She seems 100% real and had some great comments during their date..."Great, take the Iraqi to the desert."
-I love that she just slipped it in that she weighs 110 lbs. We get it, you are tiny, but you really had to drop that on the first date? Seems unnecessary. 
-Why was she sitting[read: laying] so awkwardly in the plane? She might as well have just sat in Sean's lap. Probably would have been more comfortable.
-"I can strap her (Selma) to my back and climb up this rock." - Sean
Sean, I hear your claim and I raise you a 'PROVE IT.' 
Does anyone else find it ironic that Selma talks about how she can't show affection publicly but she is always dressed in the world's miniest clothes? And she claims she isn't going to kiss him until she is the last one? I mean, she's really hot, but I don't think Sean is going to keep her around THAT long if she won't even kiss him. After all, how can he propose to a woman he hasn't even kissed?

Group date
-Who came up with the idea to Roller Derby? I'm sure it seemed like a good idea in theory, but after a near-broken jaw, and a mental breakdown about physical disabilities, I think the slow skate and tribute to 80s rock love songs, was a much better choice.
-Were Sean and the wedding dress really going hot tubbing alone? Isn't that rude/awkward/bizarre for a group date?
-How were Sean and wedding dress not freaked out of their minds when Tierra just appears out of the dark space, curled in the fetal position on the ground? I would have screamed.

Speaking of Tierra, in Catherine's words, she is "Tierrable!"
[Good one, C$]
She is super annoying. I wish Sean would have just sent her home instead of coddling her. That's the most annoying--or fantastic-- thing about this show; crazies get rewarded for being crazy. 
"I'm so sensitive and emotional"
That's the phrase every guy loves to hear, right?
What girl says that to a boy (who they aren't really in a relationship with) and gets the boy to stick around? Sounds like the makings of a stable relationship. I kid.

Poker dealer
-No offense but it bugged me that Sean kept saying she was pretty because to me, she isn't. Her mouth is huge and she says things like 'holy moly batman' 

-I love that Neil Lane made an early appearance this season. I can't wait for his second cameo in the final episode. 

-Sean and Poker's date was so uncomfortable. It felt like they were playing 20 questions, rather than having a conversation. I was surprised she didn't feel the same. I mean, they were in the most romantic setting and had a fancy evening and still nothing happened. Although she said she was blind sided, I feel like she had to know it was coming. 
As much as I wanted her to go home, I felt bad that she had to remove the diamond necklace on the curb. Way to kick you when you're already down.

The shot of Sean leaning over the balcony, a la Jason Mesnick and bachelor Jake style, was so symbolic of this season.
Like the rose, Sean will fall hard, and if not careful, his sensitive heart will break into pieces. 
You like that??!! 
Chris Harrison didn't even write that for me.

Robyn- don't ask Sean to taste the chocolate--awkward city
AshLee- she is Mother Teresa. Seriously the sweetest
Leslie- a tan Julia Roberts? Funny, but not true. 

Oh, and best part of the episode= out takes of Sean trying to drive the Jeep with the break on. Give us more bloopers, ABC!

I'm ready for this season to get juicy
Cheers to BACK TO BACK episodes next week!

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