Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bachelor Sean- Episode #7 recap

This was the episode of the best one liners ever.

Tierra "She (AshLee) is 32. You should be married with kids by now"
Lesley "I just want to roll her (Tierra) cot into the ocean
Tierra "Men love me"
Tierra "I can't control my eyebrow. I can't control my face. I can't smile 24/7 because my mouth would hurt"
Tierra "They can't take my sparkle away!"

-I'm glad AshLee thought it was normal to yell that she loved Sean. How romantic
-Sometimes AshLee's eyes scare me
-AshLee has a little crazy in her! I was pretty shocked at how aggressive she was during her altercation with Tierra. I thought she was all butterflies and roses, but home girl has a mean streak.
-I think it's hilarious that she was married at 17. Sounds like a new plot for a MTV show: Married in High School.

-Isn't St.Croix the perfect place to have a meltdown?
-How fitting that Tierra was worried about her make up dripping off her face on her around the town date? She should have been more worries about her awful rat's nest, I mean, ponytail on her head.
-I felt really weird when Tierra started dancing because her moves aren't good.
-Why was Sean carrying a man purse/tote? 
-Telling Sean she was falling in love with him was so awkward because you could tell she was reaching, trying so hard, to salvage the date. It didn't flow.
-I couldn't be more happy that Tierra acknowledged the eyebrow!!! We have all been wondering what is up (no pun intended, Ok, maybe I did) with that thing, so I'm glad she is aware there is a serious problem with that thing. 
-I love that she pulled out the z formation/finger snap/talk to the hand gesture during her fight with AshLee. She was totally acting like the "24 year old, grown woman" that she is.
-Tierra - earth to Tierra. NO ONE wants your sparkle. Trust me.

I can't wait for Tierra to appear on the Women Tell All and see what she has to say. It's going to be good, people. Real good.

Group date
-I think it's great that Sean woke the girls up to see them without makeup. Hey, that's a real thing. I mean, I look awful sans make up, so you better believe I hid that from Lane until we got married! 
-How did Des always have shotgun? I would have felt like the chaperon little sister sitting in the back of the Jeep.
-Des has a rockin' bod
-Catherine has beautiful locks
-Speaking of Catherine, she seems super insecure in her relationship with Sean. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame her, but it's making for some awkward moments.
-Wedding dress still bugs me. I guess I just can't get over the wedding dress arrival. She's not my fav.
-Why do all the women cry when they talk about their families? I am obsessed with my family but I don't cry when I talk about them. What am I doing wrong?

-I could never go on this show because I don't have anything traumatic that has happened to me..
I grew up in a home, not a tent
My friend has never been killed by a tree
Both my parents are emotionally stable and have never tried to kill themselves
...Guess I'm just bore city.

-I think I loved her skirt but didn't love that she kept holding it up weird. PLUS, did you notice that she sat with one leg up while they were on the grass?? That's the sitting position for yoga pants, not a sheer mini skirt.
-I know it was probably editing, but it seemed like there was a lot of awkward pausing in her and Sean's time together
-She went to pick fruit while AshLee went to a private island? 

-His face was more red than I could have ever imagined. I don't know how that happens. 
-He says the exact same thing to every girl... he's proud of them for opening up. They have an amazing connection. He could see a future with them. LET'S GET ORIGINAL.
-Glad your moment of clarification took weeks. 
-Did his sister really have to come for therapy? Seemed more like a time filler than anything.

I like Des the best but she seems maybe too fun for Sean. 
Catherine is gorgeous and seems fun but has a chill (boring) Sean side. 
Wedding dress - bleh
AshLee- I have a feeling that she goes far.

What are your predictions? And who do you want to win? 
I haven't head any spoilers so don't ruin it for me!