Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bachelor Sean- Episode #8 recap- Hometown dates

Oh, the hometown dates! This is just about when this show gets good. 
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-On a scale of 1-boring, her date was a snooze fest
-It's funny how much she refers to Sean as "this man"
-Do guys like it when you compare them to your dad? I know girls don't particularly love to be compared to their (potential) mother in law, for the most part, so I'm curious to hear a guys perspective. 
-AshLee uses too many metaphors about abandonment, fulling submerging, leaving herself behind. She needs to abandon the metaphors
-Her parents seem like really sweet people, but it was seriously boring city. 
-I would think that her intensity would be a bit of a turn off, but apparently Sean is eating it up. For as much as he talks about his sense of adventure and loving to act like a kid, he doesn't show any of that when he's with her.

-I'll be honest, I rewinded her date and watched it twice, just so I can figure out how to be more like her. I think she is so pretty, so fun and super sweet. Oh, and like totally normal!!!
-How do I get skin like hers? How do I get hair like hers? I tried Ovation, but I'll try it again if that's the end result.
-Throwing fish is disgusting. First, fish smells awful. Second, fish juice was flying everywhere! Third, combine reason one and two!
-Catherine's grandma was the bomb. I can't wait to be a grandma and say how hot younger men look and totally get away with it.

Wedding dress
-Yes, I'm going to throw my husband under the bus and tell you that he watched with me again because... he likes Wedding dress and I just can't get on board with her. I need to forgive and forget the first episode's wardrobe fiasco, but I just can't. Why didn't her parents seem more appalled and embarrassed for her when she told them what she did? My mom would have told me to never get on that crazy train again.
-Husband says she seems like a good mix of fun and sincerity, and I can understand that. 
-Her mom and dad seemed pretty cool/genuine 
-Do you think her brother is mad he didn't get any face time?

-I was really hoping that her hometown date was going to take place in a tent, complete with tribal dances and a campfire, but alas, it was in Des' home that was super nice. Did you see the pool in her backyard? Fancy schmancy.
-Des' prank was the best thing of all time! I fell for it too, until she said that she needed to tell Sean something. I was hoping so bad that Sean was going to throw a punch. Talk about a prank gone bad! If ABC was smart, they would have staged that.
-When Lane saw Des's parents he "called foul play" hahaha. How did Des turn out to be so beautiful? Looks aside, her parents seemed like the sweetest, most loving people ever, so you can totally see why Des is the way she is. 
-Des' brother was a real treat, like an ex con kinda treat. He's probably bitter that he inked hideous tats all over his arms AND that Des got all the looks AND that she uses proper grammar and he's dumb. Just a guess. Although, he did say "Sean, can I holler at you" which is one of my favorite phrases of all time, so I like him a little bit.
-I felt so bad for Des because her brother totally blew it for her. I thought she was going to be top 2.
-You heard it here first--I'm starting this rumor--Des is going to be the next bachelorette. 

-He told every girl's parents that their daughter was special. I'm beginning to think his vocabulary is on par with Des' brother. 
-I really thought he was going to send AshLee home. She just doesn't seem as fun as he claims to like.
-He was anti Des because of her brother and he was anti Catherine because she isn't ready to settle down. I would think he would get over Des' brother once he realized his intentions were real and it would be a sure thing, rather than the huge possibility that Catherine isn't ready for a big commitment. 
-Note to all boys: girls don't want to hear that you think you might be making a mistake and that you are really going to miss them when you break up with them. Hearing those things only makes it harder!!! Well, that, or they are going to think you are saying those things as a cop out for not wanting to be together and will hate you even more than they do in that moment. 
-I haven't read any spoilers, but I'm starting to think Wedding dress is going to win, and if that's the case, I won't feel any connection to them. I'm team Catherine at this point.