Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bachelor Sean- Episode #9- The overnights

The overnights are always the most hilarious of the dates because as viewers, we are supposed to pretend like we don't know what happens when the couple spends the night in the fantasy suite, but let's be real... I've never seen Monopoly or Uno laying around, however, I have seen lots of candles, beds, rose petals, hot tubs and low lighting. Thanks, Chris Harrison.
Now, I have to say that I might just be sucked into Sean enough to believe that he really used the overnight dates as a time to talk and get to know the girls without taking the intimacy in the relationship to the next level. I know, I'm a total sucker. I chose to believe this reality. And by fantasy, I mean the opposite of reality, obviously. 

-My dad called me this week(of course he watches the show...that's why it runs in my blood) and told me that I am being too hard on Lindsey, so I tried to watch with an open mind this time and I must say that I liked her a little more this episode.
-"Thailand is nothing like Missouri!" Really, Linds? Are you surprised by this? Comparing the arm pit (no offense) of America to exotic islands in Asia? 
-How did she eat bugs? I'll give her props because I would have been a major diva and said not a chance, homie. And not only did she eat a bug, she ate multiple bugs. And then kissed Sean after they had eaten bugs. That's just really disgusting. 
-I thought it was cute and really 'normal' that Lindsey was afraid to tell Sean the L word. Seemed genuine
-Lindsey's favorite words are cute and amazing. Throw in some baby talk and you've conquered a Lindsey impression.

-She loves running to Sean
-She also loves throwing her arms up and yelling things. Maybe she was a cheerleader in HS
-Even more than running and cheer poses, she loves metaphors and calling Sean 'this man'
-I appreciated their Titanic pose on the front of the boat
-The private beach was the coolest thing I've ever seen and although the cave was sweet, I would have been scared too.
-Is Sean surprised at how controlling AshLee is? She is a professional organizer, aka, she lives for order and placement and consistency. 
-I felt like Sean wanted to like AshLee because she was sweet and had so much love to give, and it stroked his ego to know that he was protecting her and giving her strength. He totally thrived on that.
-Were you dying laughing when she described her wedding ring? I totally was. Doesn't she know that Neil Lane doesn't produce ugly diamond rings and she would have been fine with anything he bought? Regardless, I love that she did it. Girl knows what she wants.

-Moments during her date were dejavu from AshLee's date-- running to Sean? Titanic pose? What's better than one of each of those? Two times of each of those things!
-Catherine is Sean's best friend? Oh, I thought he already told Lindsey that!? Seeaannnnnn ....
-She became my insta favorite when she told Sean he was beefy and hunky. I'm totally stealing that. I love incorporating Bachelor quotes into my everyday verbiage.
-Sean was dishing out the sweetest comments to Catherine that were original and not the typical "you are amazing" and "you're special" so I've changed my vote. I now think Sean picks Catherine. Oh, I hope he does. They would have the best looking children. Do it for the children, Sean!
-Oh, and have you ever had a multiplication war on a date before? Yeah, me neither.

-The personal videos always make me laugh. I wouldn't be able to make a serious one. Mine would start with "heyo" or "holler" and end with "love you, homie" or something similar. I could never sit there and bawl about my love and soul connection in front of cameras and producers holding up cue cards.
-Although cheesy, Lindsey's ending line about starting and ending the journey in a wedding dress was kinda cute.

The Rose Ceremony
-AshLee was putting it(them) all out there, now wasn't she?
-Loved the color of Catherine's dress
-I was literally dying waiting for Sean to call the second name. I had a feeling that it was going to be Catherine, but I was just anxious to see AshLee's eyes when he didn't call her name. Those eyes can kill.
-I thought AshLee was going to lash out in anger against Sean and we were going to have a raging AshLee 2.0 a la Tierra fame. 
-Do you think it was rude that AshLee didn't really give Sean the chance to explain? I think it's interesting because we hold these girls to different standards because they are in the public eye; for example, had that been a private relationship, her reaction was probably justified and totally normal, but because it was TV, we will all sit and talk about how dramatic her exit was and make a huge deal out of it. And for that, I thank the Bachelor. 

Can't wait for the women tell all next week!
I really hope Tierra's eyebrow makes an appearance so we can get it's perspective on the whole thing!