Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bachelor Sean- The Women Tell All

How did I not know about the option of Sean and Chris Harrison coming to my bachelor viewing party? I would have made one heck of a viewing party experience for them. Roses, homemade t-shirts, a chocolate fountain (I've done this a time or two before)
Maybe I'll have to become a DG at UCLA for next season and cross my fingers.
I'm going to be so sad about this missed opportunity for years to come.
Is that all you have to do to get men to take their shirts off? It is for Sean, apparently. 

--Video clip recaps of the show's highlights are always so awesome. There's nothing quite like cramming crazy into 5 minutes. 

--Who were the 3 girls sitting on the left, back row? I think they should only bring back the girls that we remember and actually care about. 

--Tierra is an idiot for coming back on the show. Some may call her brave or mature, but I just call her ridiculous. You might call me a coward, but if I was her, I would have stayed home, in sweats, with a bowl of ice cream and watched the episode on my couch. Why would anyone put them self in a situation where they are repeatedly attacked? If she thought she was "ganged up on" when one of the girls confronted her on the show, what did she think ALL of them confronting her was?
Whether she went back on the show or not, everyone is going to talk about how Tierrable she is. I'd rather just not hear it to my face.

TRUE OR FALSE: Tierra's eyebrow stole the show. For reals. I've tried to figure out how it does that, but I'm stumped.

--Tierra can't remember every detail AND can't control her eyebrow? Poor girl has some serious trubs.
--Did you see how much perfume she put on before she went on stage? That was like 6 sprays. Fumes are going to her brain!
--Do you think her engagement is fake? I hadn't thought about that as a possibility until Chris Harrison brought it up, but now that he did, I could totally see her doing that. I would believe it, if the heart tattoo on her finger has been changed from open to closed, but alas, her diamond was too big for me to tell.

--Lesley is still hilarious. "Tierra made her own bed, or cot, or whatever."

--Selma is a beauty queen--a beauty queen with a brain. She had quite the intellectual argument last night. If you can't tell, I'm a huge Selma fan.  

--I have to say something rude, but I would bet many of you are thinking it, so here it goes...
Sarah is getting extra attention because she has a sad story of being led on by guys and then being told she's just not the one. Do you believe it? I don't. I believe it's because that happens to her AND she only has 1 arm. Plenty of other girls (girls with 2 arms) have had sad, teary exits about hoping to find their soul mate  and they don't get remembered past their final exit. If Sarah had 2 arms, she wouldn't be getting as much attention. There, I said it. 
--On another(nicer) note: Sarah looked beautiful!

--AshLee's hair looked so perfect. Full, bouncy. I got the hair envy bad. And her bod is rockin. I got body envy. Something I don't envy? Her crazy side.
Girl's got some serious attitude. 
Preacher's daughter is loco. 
She can bring it. 
When she started yelling at Tierra, I was getting nervous. Her eye went all crazy! I think AshLee is equal parts sweet and sour. 

--Do you think Sean really told her that he didn't have feelings for the other 2 girls? Part of me believes that he said that to her, or said something close to that and she interpreted it as that, but still....DRAMA. 
Why else would she feel so comfortable to actually tell him what kind of ring she wants? I think he probably led her on. Team Ashley on this argument.
How awkward was it when she started talking to him like he was her baby nephew? "Sean, don't do this. Just admit it." Like her head was all titled down and her eyebrow was up all condescendingly. 
I was loving the continued argument that was caught on tape before the show came back from commercial break. Sean's going to have some explaining to do with his other two girlfriends after the show.

--When will ABC air an entire episode of just bloopers? That would be, by far, the best episode ever. Or maybe an episode of fantasy suites? Now keep it clean...we are talking about Sean, the "born-again" virgin - I'd just love to hear the one-liners Sean's been throwing around. 

--Who do you think the letter is from? I think it's from Chris Harrison and goes something like this:
It's me, your host, Chris Harrison.
I had so much fun in the limo with you when we visited girl's college dorm rooms. If you chose to forgo this final rose ceremony, I'd invite you to travel LA with me and go sorority  hopping. 
-Chris Harrison

Who wants to join me for a season final viewing party next week? Seriously, let me know and we will make it a party... roses and all!