Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Sean + Catherine 4 evaaaa

Team Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I totally called that, and I'm so glad I was right. I'm also glad that Sean made the right decision. 

Sean's Dad gets sweetest, most tender Dad in America award. I was literally tearing up when he told Catherine he would love her and be her biggest fan. Through the watery eyes, I rewinded and watched again. Yep, judge me twice. 

Sean's sister loves the mini shorts. Her husband was pretty attractive. Their kids should be models. They really were so adorable looking. 

Sean's family is the most normal family to grace the bachelor set. They issued sound advice and were very genuine. 

Lindsey and Sean's date was pretty boring to me. 
And how did Sean call that a raft? A) it wasn't inflatable, and B) it came with 2 rowers. I've never seen one of those "rafts" in the seasonable sections of Wal-mart OR Target.
--The water was disgustingly brown but the scenery greenery made up for it.
"I love you"
"I know"
Let me tell you something... sometimes my husband also responds with "I know" when he's trying to be funny and even though I know he's 100% joking (right, Lane??) it still bugs me. I can't imagine how bugged I would be if I didn't know AND I got an "I know." Being on The Bachelor is so hard.

--Catherine's giggle makes me laugh. She laughs when she is nervous and I think that's why I like her. I too laugh when I'm nervous, or hurt, or scared....basically I laugh all the time, and it doesn't mean it's funny... it could really mean anything.
It seems really awkward, but super cool at the same time. Worth the bumpy ride, for sure.

The break up
--It was so obvious how much Lindsey liked Sean. She really did love him and had no doubts that he was going to pick her, so it was so hard to watch the rejection. 
--Can I just say something? Lindsey was the classiest exit ever. She went from a vegas wedding drunk to the most mature 24 year old around. Quite the behavior change from the first episode to the last. 
--I LOVED that she took her shoes off to walk out. It was like, "ok, I'm done trying to impress you with these awful shoes."
--I didn't love her dress at all. And by that I mean I hated it. 

The Letter
--Although it wasn't a "run away with me" letter from host, Chris Harrison, like I was hoping, I still liked the letter. It was TOTALLY played up to be more dramatic than it was, but that my friends, is the beauty of reality TV and production. 

The Proposal
--I cried. Then I screamed. Then I fist pumped. No surprise there. 
--Catherine's reaction was so real, but also so uncomfortable to watch. I wasn't sure if she was mad, sad, scared, shocked, frozen, happy...Sean couldn't get down on one knee fast enough. 
--Her dress was beyond bomb. 
--I'm glad the producers wrangled up an elephant chair (yes, that's what they are called--my parent's actually have one from Thailand) for the romantic exit. It would have been tragic if she ruined that dress trying to hoist herself up to the top of the 'magestic animal.'

After the final rose
--AshLee is still so bitter...and smokin' and skiiiiiiny
--I really need to look into tickets for next season
--Lesley D.C. Murphy is the funniest ever, and she thinks so too.  Did you notice that she laughed at her own pun? Don't worry, L. I laugh at my own jokes, too.
The couple that multiplies together, stays together.
--Nothing says I'm over you like looking super hotttt, Lindsey Yenter. She, once again, was a class act. I felt bad that she kept asking Sean for reasons why, because time and time again, he just didn't have the answer she was looking for. Loved her dress.

--Catherine and Sean made me tear up a jillion times during their interviews. Are they not the most darling couple ever?
I would have never guessed they would be into that, but I couldn't be more pleased with their decision. Since I've been so good at calling the future this season, I'm going to go ahead and say that Chris Harrison will either marry them OR be Sean's best man. 

The next bachelorette
--I called it, did I not? OK, maybe all of America called it.
--Was it just me or did Des not look as pretty tonight as I think she normally is? Was it the white eye shadow? The no bangs look?