Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Juan Pablo - episode 3

I'm thinking that ABC should put subtitles on screen for this season? Just picture it... subtitles for romantic jacuzzi nights... subtitles for romantic helicopter rides (you know it's coming)... subtitles for hormonal meltdown sessions...
now let it sink in.... it's a great idea. 
Maybe producers could put up subtitles or cue cards for the girls to read as well. There's a lot of misunderstanding going on. 

- I haven't been on a date since I was.... 18 years old WOW, we all feel so bad for you... NOT. You're only 21!
- A car that turns into a boat? I need that. 
- She looks like a gazelle 
- Of course he was trying to teach her how to salsa in the kitchen!
- Did they even have a real conversation?

Group date: the soccer field
- boring
- JP did look pretty hot though
- Sharleen walks like a man
- Sharleen kissing was the grossest thing ever! I'm not calling myself the kissing queen, but I'm pretty sure I don't look like that when I kiss. Please tell me you noticed?
SOOOO X 1,000,000 GROSS

Chelsie: "the little girl"
- How annoying is she? Everything she said was so annoying.
- "If we can jump off a bridge together, we could get through just about anything"
- OK, by the end of the date I thought she was kinda fun and totally normal. She grew on me.
- I love Billy Currington but I'm almost positive Juan Pablo had never heard of him, or any of his songs for that matter, before their date. He seemed awkward. Too county and not enough salsa.

JP talks about him and Camilla and how this is a decision for the both of them because she needs a mother, that this season shouldn't be called the bachelor, it should be called "Date my Dad" -- It's cute, yet strangely annoying that he just talks about Camilla. Yeah, I'm a bad person. Maybe it's because I just keep hearing rumors about how it's not sincere and he's doing this just for the attention?  I mean, Camilla was born, so she clearly already has a mother.

Pool party:
- Stop crying Sharleen
- Kat, your boobs are falling out
- Clare is getting too possessive... could be her downfall
- Shocker, Renee is the sweet one that lends a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and motherly advise. Doesn't she get tired of that? 
- Juan Pablo should wear a shirt less often

Were you dying over the English lesson in the post-show footage?