Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Juan pablo - episode 6

Who wants join me on a girls trip to New Zealand?
Or maybe I can go there for my honeymoon?

-Why does her ombre look so harsh in this episode? It's ombre out?
-Wearing a one-piece bathing suit... now, that's a first!
-I love me some cave crawling. Reminds of the 'Cave of Wonders' we found at Lake Powell where we would shimmy through little crevices and sing "Oh-we-oh...yo-ho.... a pirate's life for me!"
-Did JP's shoulders look extra broad tonight? OK, I'm fine with that
-Smooth move, JP! Unzipping the jacket to reveal the rose? I dig it. So magician-esque of you. 
-Does saying 'dame un beso' make boys automatically kiss you? If so, I might need to try that out. Stay tuned.
-I feel like Andi kept saying that she wanted to have these great conversations with Juan Pablo, but I didn't really see it happen tonight; Andi did a lot of smiling, Juan Pablo did a lot of eyebrow raises/facial expressions, and they did a lot of kissing. 

Group date
-Did she REALLY just compare Ohio to New Zealand? Oh no, she didn't! [Insert snapping your fingers in a Z formation, here]
-I need some O-go rides in my life
-Nikki doesn't look good without make-up
-I loved when Sharleen just plopped right out of the O-go
-Confession: I follow Juan Pablo on Instagram. He LOVES the selfie
-Tonight Sharleen looks prettier than I've ever thought 
-Why does she lick her lip before every kiss? Creepy. 
-I'd say that assuming a girl feels 'scared but good' is always going to be a sure bet. Sharleen shouldn't be giving JP ESP props for that answer. 
-He just dumped "the special one" on her birthday? Woof.
-Cassandra and Juan Pablo didn't have a connection? Shocker. It's so surprising that a relationship with a woman that is 10 years younger than him didn't work out! 
-Does anyone else think it's weird that JP was calling Cassandra "one of the special ones" ??? Um, thanks? 
I don't really know what that means, but it's just weird. Usually if you get called a special one, that's not a good thing. I'm sure Juan Pablo would blame it on a language barrier, either way. 
-I'd never thought I'd say this, but I'm almost sad I've never seen The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings...I think I would have appreciated Hobbitron a little bit more. 

-As beautiful as the scenery was, why are they picnicking on rocks? That doesn't look comfortable. I mean, the rocks have to be sharp and poking them all over the place! #producerfail
-Wait, I thought Clare and JP did it. How come they are pretending like they just swam in the ocean?
-Also, did anyone notice how long it took them to go from deciding they were going to step back because their actions were inappropriate to being all in in each other's grills? Like .2 seconds flat. 
-I'm sure every woman in America would love to hear "I just love listening to you" after she rants and raves to her man. 
-Hanging out in sweats on the couch and then random living room dancing are the best kind of dates. Maybe Juan Pablo is MY soul mate. 

Rose Ceremony
-Sharleen's hair is terrible 
-Pink underwear? OVERSHARE! 
-Do you think it's cute or annoying that Juan Pablo has to ask what certain words mean?
-Sharleen threatening to leave the show? I wouldn't be mad if she did. She can Opera sing her way right out of here. 

-Whoever steps in the most poops wins! I'd voluntarily lose. That is disgusting x 100.