Monday, February 24, 2014

Juan Pablo- episode 7

Sorry for the delay.... bronchitis and a sinus infection have kept me down for the better part of last week. 
That being said, I don't want to keep this post from you for Juan more minute. 

-I love that JP's cousin has braces
-Sharleen has 10 minutes to get ready for her date, yet she spends some of that time pondering her life on a balcony? That time could have been better used practicing kissing on the back of her hand. Just sayin.
-Sharleen is the worst kisser. She makes me want to die
-Stop making out
-Juan Pablo just bit her lip. O.M.G.
-They don't talk. They just kiss. What a connection.

-Is Nikki really going to wear that on a date to Camilla's dance recital? Classy.
-Juan Pablo's baby mama is the hottest girl on this season. She needs more air time
-Baby mama for bachelorette! I'm starting the campaign now.
-How did Nikki just tell Camilla that her kisses taste like Cheetos? I think she thought she being cute but it just made me feel weird. 
-Nikki is wearing a shirt made out of paper
-Did you just see Juan Pablo looking down Nikki's shirt? I mean, she's totally asking for it with that shirt, or lack thereof, but still... he wasn't trying to hide it at all. 
-Juan Pablo needs to work on his eye contact. And I don't mean eye contact with the lady parts... he has that contact down just fine. 
-"If the moon and the skies want us to be together" blah blah blah yeah, the bachelor is totally fate, even the universe wants them together.
-37,642 chairs for kisses. I'd be OK with that

-Why are they wearing water socks? I get that they are practical but, come on!
-Nothing will push a guy away more than going to him, crying, being needy, and asking for reassurance.... Except for on this show. They reward that behavior on this show. Reason #20,394 that this show teaches good principles.
-Andi- hot bod. hot dress. not so hot dance moves. 
-I'm glad that she held her rose the entire time they were in the club. I wouldn't want anyone to not know that she didn't win the one-on-one time. 

"Is your stuff in here?"
"Did you pay for this room?"
"Is your stuff in here?"
"Did you pay for this room?"

Clare & Nikki are going to regret that second grade conversation for the rest of their lives. Holy immature. Although, it did make me laugh and then made me so glad I am me and not them, so I guess I'm actually grateful for that cat fight. 

These are the only things Juan Pablo ever says:
-We are going to have a great time
-These girls are awesome
-Give me a kiss

Best part of the episode was the exaggerated, silent "cat fight" or death stares between Clare & Nikki at the end of the episode.