Monday, March 3, 2014

Juan Pablo hometowns

-Didn't get home in time to see her hometown date... I'm assuming it consisted of a lot of terrible, classless outfits and bad roots?

-Juan Pablo is terrible at shooting guns
-His stance was hilarious and I loved that Andi was so much better than him
-Why is Andi's dad's name Hy? Is that short for something?
-Andi's dad gave the most real response ever.... "if your daughter's boyfriend came to you and asked to marry your daughter even though he had 2 other girlfriends, what would you do?" 
I can't believe that in all the seasons of this show, no one has acted like this isn't a normal situation. Who would actually give their daughter's hand to a boy that has multiple girlfriends? Thank you, Hy. I'm kinda into your weird name, and I'm kinda into you as a dad. 

-Every time I see Renee, I just want to brush her hair and maybe give it a good blow dry?
-Her reunion with her son was so sweet. 
-How does she think she is in love with JP? I would think she would be more skeptical and slow on the uptake because she's a single mom.... or not. 

-I admit, I cried when she started talking about her dad and the sweet things he did with her before he died. He sounds like the sweetest guy ever. I mean, I wouldn't share those personal things on national TV, but regardless, it made me like her dad. RIP. 
-Clare has 1 pretty sister and then the other one's could be Buzz's girlfriends. 
-Her sister Laura?!?!? I thought it was Clare's mom until they got into the fight.
-Why doesn't Clare's mom stand up for herself? She just sits in the middle of a fight, literally, and takes it? 
-Why does her mom speak Spanish? Is Clare half Argentinian? If so, why do I feel like she's never talked about that before?
-Do most grown women refer to their Moms as "Momma" or am i missing something? 

The rose ceremony
-Clare isn't any prettier
-I knew he was sending Renee home... called it!
-Why would you tell someone you love them as they are dumping you? That's not going to make them un-dump you.