Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Juan Pablo's overnights

ABC did it again... they hyped this episode to be crazy dramatic and although no bachelorette has ever chosen to leave after the overnight dates, there wasn't nearly as much drama as I'd hoped for. 

-he won't even let her talk because he just keeps kissing her
-I swear JP was drunk the whole time, and here's the funny thing... if americans are drunk and horny, they are creeps, but if sexy Latinos are drunk and horny they are considered smooth. I like it.
-I am way into that yacht
-She tries to explain going to the suite but he interrupts her so we don't even know what the same page they are on is
-she says I'm in love with falling in love with you.... sums up this show ... it's all about the idea of falling in love, not actually falling in love (sorry to get all serious on you, there)

-didnt talk. into himself. didn't ask questions. I mean, I could have told you that and I'm not even on the show. It's obvious. I think the Latino charm blinded them all.
-JP doesn't get it. He might not.........ever.
-"Eeees ohkayyyy" "Eeeees ohkayyy"
-cute white shorts
-bad hair still

-Her top fell off in the ocean- did you notice that? 
-She needs to cover up more. I'm thinking an entire body, inner and outer makeover should be in her near future. 
-I'm not a fan