Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 4

"people are very very very jealous"
"we are very very very close"
"we are really really really good friends"
--he must like the new Carly Rae Jeppson song,  "I really really really really really like you"

-Clint is a gooooooood liar
-JJ is the worst "friend" ever
-and Clint and JJ just broke up. Their break up was more dramatic than any break up in the history of Bachelor or Bachelorette history. 

-Why is JJ bawling his eyes out? Oh Gosh. 
    He just punched himself in the face? Seriously, who does that?

Now that we are through with that drama, can we please get on with this episode?

-Justin has the worst hair I've ever seen in my life
    His hair would look great in 1994
-Doug E. Fresh? I would have been more impressed with Jay-Z
-I too love to rap, and beat box
-Shawn loves county music... I knew I liked him!
-Kaitlyn loves to make a joke or try to be funny and then she just busts up laughing at herself. It's kind of awkward to watch
-JJ listened to Broadway show tunes? Maybe he should have left with Clint – I think  they may have a better shot at “happily ever after” than he and “Rapper Kaitlyn”
Ben Z. vs Tanner
     -even with steroids you won't look like me
Jonathan vs. Ryan
     -she's bored of you go back to Florida
JJ vs Corey
     -where is your boyfriend Clint?
Shawn vs Justin
     -Yes, your body Shawn is a no brainer
     -Ryan Gosling/Matt Damon? Yeah, Matt Damon is WAY hotter than Justin. You can't compare yourself to someone way hotter than you
The return of creepy Nick!!!
     -I don't remember much about him except that I really didn't like him at all. And why does Kaitlyn this he's cute?
-Every week there IS something, she's right, but she needs to start taking SOME responsibility for all this drama.
-Good point, Shawn
    If you are truly confident in what you had in front of you, you wouldn't consider bringing Nick into the season. It would totally make you feel doubt
-She kissed Nick!? Come on, Kaitlyn. So not OK!
-That's pretty rude that she just left the group date to go see Nick
     These boys totally got gypped out of a date
-How did Justin just get a rose?
-How does she think that any of the guys are going to be OK with her bringing in another guy, 4 weeks into the season? Why didn't Nick apply for the season, or show up earlier? It's pretty rude and dramatic to do it 4 weeks in

-I like Kaitlyn less and less with each episode
-Ashley knows how to have a real conversation? And can give good advice? Ashley S. for the win! 
     What she feels towards Nick is complete & total lust. 
-She sucks
     Don't bring Nick on this season. It's so rude. And yes, it's selfish. 
     I hate when people blame things on "following their heart" -- it just seems like such an excuse to me

-I am so glad that Jared's hair doesn't look creepy for this date. 
-You can see it on Kaitlyn's face that she isn't even paying attention to him. 
-How nice of Kaitlyn to ask his opinion about Nick, right? I mean, she already made up her decision, so why not just stop talking about it?
-What a political answer, Jared
-I know I have made fun of Jared a lot, but I think I liked him on this date. He looked better with his hair combed, didn't look terrible in a tuxedo, and seemed a little funny. 
-The return of the helicopter to the Bachelor franchise
     Last season was so low budget that I swear it was the only season without a helicopter....and I missed it. I welcome back the helicopter dates with open arms.

-Another performing date? 
-Ian has many talents and singing is one of them. Thanks for letting us know!
-Kentucky was hilarious. 
-Cupcake Chris seems like a Disney prince actually. The more he got into it, the more I believed it. 
-It was hilarious that the Welder said if he acted like Cupcake did, he would get beat up when he went home. 
-These group dates don't give any one-on-one time with the guys and Kaitlyn
     They either learn something, try out, or perform, and then whoever loses goes home. Seems like a pretty pathetic group date that doesn't give the guys much time for her to get to know them. 
-That was THE MOST pathetic involvement in the play. They literally just stood on stage for like 10 seconds, maybe.  10 might be too liberal. 
     Why did they have dancing and singing tryouts? They should have held try outs to stand in place for 10 seconds and see who looked best with their shirt off. Show off them abs, boys! 
-Chris seems too pretty boy for her. Too clean cut. Too logical.

-Did anyone hear Kentucky say, "I did 7 minutes of cardio today, so I'm good to go" in regards to beating Nick up? HAHA. I couldn't stop laughing. I think I really like Kentucky. 

I will have more to say about Nick starting next week. Just you wait...

Britt and Brady are dating because of publicity. Hello! They would both be irrelevant if they hadn't started dating. 

Of course this episode ends mid-drama. Apparently we can't go one week that has an entire episode. Give me the rose ceremony!
Also, why do I feel so over this season already? Anyone else with me on that?

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