Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 5

(Sorry this is a week late--we were at the lake)

-a cool chick vs. an amazing woman = good point, Idaho
-I don't ever remember seeing Tanner, but I think I like him 
-Nick vs. the 12 guys
     awkward how they were all sitting on the opposite side from him
-Shawn does sound like Matthew McConahey in the Lincoln car commercials
-Citi Field --- I didn't know what that was, but I'm sure all the dudes that watch with their wives love it
-Nick coming into the season was the best thing to happen to JJ. He's no longer the villain

-JJ is wearing high water pants. I get that he's trying to show off his socks, but it just looks awkward. 
-Who is Corey? I feel like I've never seen him
-Thank you, Shawn! It's about time that someone calls her on the carpet. That was a real, real conversation
     If you have a strong connection with someone, you don't invite another guy on the show. Her actions are not matching up with her words. He nailed it on the head. 100% 
-The boys are freezing through this rose ceremony. It looks miserable
-Nick's hair is so gross
-I didn't remember the names of the 3 guys she sent home, so I feel fine about it. 

-Two stepping might actually be a fun date
-This makes me want to be from Texas
-The grandma was creepy
-Ben is very handsome
-This dinner is the cutest set up I've ever seen. I'm loving these lights
-Ben seems great but I don't see him being the last one standing

-that's a mini dress
-The Idaho welder has become quite vocal and out spoken
-"Kaitlyn will you marriachy me?" 
     I was dying. Kentucky Joe is such a winner
     That's the funniest thing ever
-They do look hilarious but why am I kinda into it?
-Justin is gross but he did actually have a good voice
-JJ is annoying 
-Ian is too serious and has a terrible voice. Not a match
-Did you hear one of the guys say 'should we boo?' ... I wish they would have
-Nick is awful. Like his voice is killing me 
-Josh might snap. Nick is right
     Josh seems to wine a lot. He complained about JJ & Clint last time, too
-Cheers to tight pants
-Who gets a haircut in the dark? So dumb, but I can't stop laughing at his hair. I didn't really take him seriously before, but now I definitely can't
-What is 'guy intuition' Josh?
    Josh has got to get over this. He is dragging this on way too far and making this awkward for all of the other guys. 
-This is terrible. Josh just got called out in front of all the guys
-However, does Kaitlyn think that the guys are going to tell her its 100% OK or that it's 100% not OK? 
     How is she expecting everyone to always want to talk about it? 
-Kaitlyn wants this drama to be over but doesn't she just keep bringing it up?
-The only reason Kaitlyn just gave Nick the rose was to shove it in their face. 

-It's funny that he calls Nick 'the other guy' and won't refer to his by name
-Finally, a normal fun date that isn't a performance or a competition
-"I'm falling in love with you" on the first date!? Is he from Provo? 
     How did that just happen? I'm dying.
-And then the "I'm feeling the same way" reciprocation? Wowzaaa
-I like Shawn, but I feel like he's too good for her, true?

-Ian is hilarious, not in a comical way, but in a 'did you really just say that' kind of way
    Getting women has never been an issue before. He's never flown under the radar. He's a model, a Princeton grad, an someone who defied death. How would she not want him?
     If he was the Bachelor, this would be working? If she's not interested in me, than it's her fault. This is amazing. 
-Are you hearing these quotes from Ian? These are hilarious. 
    "I have a lot of sex in my own life"

Oh weird, the show ends in the middle of an episode again. Shocker.

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