Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 6

Another to be continued, continues...

-Ian is rude
     must have gotten a degree in rude from Princeton 
     there is a difference between honesty and being rude, and he's just being rude at this point.
     He thinks he is all classy and awesome because he went to Princeton (are you getting sick of hearing 'Princeton' because I was too) but in reality, he looks classless 
-Ian, then just leave
-I am glad that Kaitlyn is defending herself a little bit
-"I went to Princeton. That's what I have to offer. I'm not lame like the other guys"
     "They don't teach movie quotes at Princeton"
     They must not teach how to keep your dignity on national TV either
     Princeton might take his degree away, now that he has defamed their name
-How many times has Ian said "deep"? More or less than he has said "Princeton"? 
-Ian needs to have some sex but he is sick of talking about it? He's too deep to talk about sex but not too deep to want to have it. OK. 
-I don't think too many girls would be 'coming out of the wood work' to date Ian after his self-promoting rampage "I'd be the best bachelor"
     He would be the best bachelor if our goal was to poke our eyes out after each episode. Then yes, he would be killer.
-Nick is manipulative
     He is totally being there for Kaitlyn while she is angry & hurt. He is telling her all these things he loves about her and is comforting her. This is a genius move on his part. However, may be not a genuine move.

-What is cupcake's magenta/maroon suit? 
-Can Idaho Welder please fix his hair? I'm sure he can find another set of buzzers to even the hair out
-Could her dress be any lower in the back? Made me nervous
-I think Joshua had the best of intentions but just kept continually shooting himself in the foot. 
     I feel bad for him. I think he really is a good guy. Not a match for her, but a good guy nonetheless. 
     Who else can rock that crazy Kaitlyn "cut"? Has she ever cut hair before?

Onto Dublin...
-"Kaitlyn is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" - Cupcake
-She needs a wardrobe stylist
-And so does Nick. What is that jacket?

-"I wore a holey sweater for you, so you could touch my back"
     Class, class, class
-Again, the fear of birds is so confusing, considering she has two bird tattoos
     Does she not think it's ironic and a wee bit embarrassing?
-Nick looks like an idiot dancing
-They need to stop making out. It's annoying
-I am really glad they are going to have dinner in a church, right before they go get down in her hotel room. I mean, I am pretty sure that's what is about to happen. How ironic. 
-This love fest in the church is making me feel so uncomfortable. 
-Did you think it was weird that she kept saying Nick made her feel like a woman? 
-I have gotten nothing out of this date except that they are horny
-oh. my. awkward. Fast forward please
     How is this allowed on TV?
-They drank a lot of whiskey. IT was intimate. 

-Holy hot Shawn
-"Worst dead person ever" Haha 
     Chris Harrison is funny. I wish he made an appearance more often
-Tanner, that was a funny poem
-Chris was disgusted that Jared kissed a dead person? He's weird
    why is he singing? Please stop
-Ben H. had a weird speech
-Shawn -- I am DYING. I seriously laughed so hard and even started clapping my hands. 
     "I'm sorry to hear you took your own life, but I would have too, if I hade to spend all day with Nick" 
    That is HILARIOUS. 
-This is a pretty weird date idea. It's like Kaitlyn just wanted to hear the guys say a bunch of nice things about her
-Have you noticed that when she is saying something sincere, she never looks them in the eyes? She always looks down
    Conversation with Ben Z. = Case in point
-I love that Jared just called her laugh obnoxious and she didn't get offended. That's just funny
-She says she is so happy when these boys tell her they are falling in love with her or when they open up to her, but she just had sex with Nick?
     That is so hard for me to grasp 
     Wouldn't you feel bad having a guy saying he was falling in love with you, knowing you just slept with someone else the night before?
     Seems a bit sick and twisted to me
-I would love to see Shawn go all hot personal trainer rogue on Nick
-Why would you give the rose to Jared over Shawn? 
    Shawn is so much hotter. Come on!
-I totally get where Shawn is coming from. You know what the possibilities of this show are when you go on, but at the same time, when the bachelorette is telling you that you are the one, it's hard to see other people get the rose, and to know that you are being physical with others. May be Kaitlyn should just stop saying comments like that. 

-The Cranberries? They couldn't get someone with a little more star power?

-Shawn and Kaitlyn stayed up laying on his bed chatting for 6 hours and she told him he is the one and he's the one at the end?
    I would be super mad too. 
    He is 100% validated in my opinion.
    You know that the bachelorette goes on other dates while you are dating, but that's it. you don't sign up for intimate nights with multiple people. Not cool, Kaitlyn.  

-Why can't ABC just put an entire episode in a night? Has there been a single episode where they put all the material into the two hour show? 


  1. I read your blog every week and I love it!

    1. thank you!!! i love to know that i have readers! it's a fun/silly hobby i enjoy :)

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