Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Episode 8

ONE-ON-ONE -- Ben H. 
-Awesome private island
-He called her 'KD' which I read in US Weekly, is what her family calls her
-There are all sorts of nooks and small places in that building and she chose an open space with her jacket over her back? She's not that good at playing hide & seek apparently.  
-Why can't I see the connection between the two of them? I think Ben is amazing and great but I don't see it between the two of them in a long-term setting. Am I wrong?
-He seems like the nicest, most genuine guy
-Does he kind of remind you of Seth Cohen from The O.C. ?
-Are you a virgin? AHHHHHHH. That is just so awkward. Or maybe I am just really immature? Do people ask this question frequently?
-Tell me about the time you lost your virginity? 
     This girl is obsessed with sex. Literally obsessed.  

-Shawn just steals right off the bat
-I think part of the problem (yeah, like there is only a singular problem) with this show is that there always has to be a hard conversation. There is always something deep to be discussed. They can't just have fun and enjoy each other and be normal, because of the pressure the timeline of this show puts on them.
-Nick is so weaseley and ugly and gross. 
-Joe is so awesome but I don't feel like he has a chance. I really hope he doesn't tell her he loves her, because I think it will only make it harder for him. 
-Joe's little monologue about loving her is the cutest, most tender thing I have ever heard. Really, I feel like I kind of started crying a baby bit
     I recently found him on Instagram and he is just Mr. USA
     He races horses and just like loves America. He's just so cute.
-Kaitlyn did not make that break-up definite. She just kept saying she didn't know. 
     Break-ups are always hard but I'm sure it would be a tiny bit easier if she didn't make the guys guess what she was trying to say. I think the break ups should be a little more to the point, like, just get it over with
-Also, why does she always act like the victim? She is breaking up with the guys, and she gets mad/sad when they aren't thrilled she is breaking up with them? She is not the victim. They have every right to be sad, mad or cold when they get dumped--that's what happens when your heart gets broken, oh, and especially on national TV.
-When Kaitlyn told Shawn that she and Nick had sex, I feel like his blood pressure went through the roof and he was about to kill someone in his mind. 
     Kaitlyn doesn't seem remorseful telling Shawn about the situation
     Wow, Shawn just gave the most mature apology speech and I didn't see that coming. I was really hoping for a blow up. May be it will come later. We can only hope (fingers crossed)
-Every time Nick talks I want to throw something at the TV, or press FF
-I can't stop staring at Jared's zits
-Shawn still calls Nick 'the other guy' and it makes me laugh every time
-Give me Kaitlyn's dress, and her hair looks good [I want my extensions back]
-Did you notice how big Kaitlyn's eyes got when Shawn said he needed to talk to her at the rose ceremony? It was like Disney animation
-That is a stab to the heart when Kaitlyn says that telling Shawn he  was the one was a mistake. That's got to hurt. That is a big, big thing to take back. 
     Producers are so good at making major drama seem impending
-Shawn is a ticking time bomb. He is never sure if he can handle what might possibly happen next
-I feel really bad for Jared. He wasn't my favorite, but he did seem like a nice, stand up guy
     She just broke up with him and he offers his jacket, thinking she is cold? That is just class. 

-What is with the two of them going into church?
-I don't have much to say about them because I'm so anti Nick
-From Church to Jail? Bizarre
-Nick is just saying bad things about Shawn because he feels insecure; it's manipulative
-Why does Nick always have a sweaty forehead?
-'The only thing keeping me breathing in this world is knowing that I'm here with you?' COME ONNNNNNN
     I can't say for certain that I'd hate that being said to me in the peak of love, but hearing it from Nick just sounded so pathetic
-And why does he always put his fingers in his mouth? Have you noticed that?

Why does the drama always have to continue?
I am over the to be continued episodes
I am over Kaitlyn
I am pretty over this season

Let's just start Bachelor in Paradise already ... am I right?